BMI Calculators Monday, February 15, 2016-

BMI Calculators

I found many BMI calculators on the intertnet, but little of them compensates for your frame size. I therefore written my own BMI calculator. You can find it here: The regular calculation are excellent for...
Ketone Terminology Sunday, February 7, 2016-

Ketone Terminology

People should stop confusing Ketosis and Keto-Acidosis. Being in natural ketosis does not cause harmful acid levels, where the latter (Keto-Acidosis) is very dangerous condition in type I diabetes who are insulin insufficient.

VMWare Fusion 8 or Parallels Desktop 11 Wednesday, November 25, 2015-

VMWare Fusion 8 or Parallels Desktop 11

If you want to run Solidworks 2016 on your Mac, you have a few options. Either Bootcamp or a virtual machine like VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop. I tried all of the above, and eventually Parallels Desktop 11 came out tops. See why...

Windows 10 Update Errors Tuesday, November 24, 2015-

Windows 10 Update Errors

There is a Update repair tool that did the trick for me:

Windows 10 Error 997 Sunday, November 22, 2015-

Windows 10 Error 997

In windows 10, when you try and install a program and you get the error, Install Failure: Error 997. Overlapped I/O operation is in progress, please follow these instructions.

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